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Legal Documents

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1 You MUST be a fully paid up member. Please note that members who enter club premises do so at their own risk.

2 Any member displaying Covid 19 symptoms or have been in contact with someone with symptoms within the previous 14 days CANNOT play.

Strictly singles play only! The only exception to this rule is that doubles may be played where playing partners are from the same household.

Members under 18 years of age MUST be supervised by a parent/guardian in this stage of reopening. There are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

ALL play MUST be pre booked through the club online booking system. Please note that any change of player/opponent MUST be updated on the online booking system before play commences,(we are obliged to keep full records of all persons in the club at any given time for contact/tracing purposes). Turning up to play without booking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please note, it is entirely each member’s responsibility to keep their details FULLY up to date. In the case of Junior and Juvenile members, parents must ensure their children’s details are FULLY up to date.

5. Strictly NO guest players at ANY time, and the ball machine is out of bounds.

6. Absolutely NO ENTRY to the clubhouse at any time. The ONLY exception to this is if the Defibrillator or FIRST AID kit is required. Note that you will need to bring your own key. Please note that the use of floodlights is strictly prohibited.

Each Player MUST bring your own pre marked tennis balls, water, towel, food etc. Please pay particular attention to tissues. It is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that NO personal items are left behind. Take everything off site upon completion of play. Please note all bins will be sealed. Putting rubbish in the bins is STRICTLY PROHIBITED at this time.


1 Park St courts only available for play. O.C.R. site will remain closed.

2 Arrive and depart within five minutes of your booking slot. Strictly NO LOITERING. Members arriving by car must remain in their cars until their booked court is vacated. After play has been completed, members must return to their cars and leave the club IMMEDIATELY. Members arriving on foot, must remain well away from the gates of the court until it becomes vacant.

3 Two metres social distancing minimum to be observed at ALL TIMES.

4 There will be staggered court booking times as per the following example:

COURT 1  0910 -10.10

COURT 2  0920 – 10.20

COURT 3  09.30 – 10.30.

And there will be a gap of of ten minutes between slots, e.g. the next slots would be

COURT 1 10.20 – 11.20

COURT 2 10.30 -11.30

COURT 3 10.40 – 11.40

5. Booking window and peak times  will remain as normal, but may be amended if deemed necessary.

All players to bring their own sanitizer, or use the fence mounted sanitizer provided. All players must sanitize their hands, both BEFORE play commences and immediately AFTER play has been completed.

7 When serving you must use your own personal set of pre marked tennis balls, (i.e. two sets of balls needed for all play).

8 Players must use their racquet or foot to pick up balls and return to opponent or adjacent courts, (NO HANDS). The touching of nets and net posts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

9 Change ends at opposite sides of the net.

10 No handshakes or other close quarter gestures are permitted.

11 Before commencement of play, players will enter the court via the gates at the CLUBHOUSE end. Please note that these gates are tied open, so no member has to touch them. Upon completion of play, players will leave the courts via the SAME gates. The gates at the PARK ST. end will be tied closed. Gates must not be tampered with at any time.

12 The main gate will be opened in the morning and locked again at the close of play in the evening. In between, the main gate must not be closed at any time. A NO ENTRY, STRICTLY MEMBERS ONLY sign to be placed at club entrance.